Yield Protocol is Proud to Announce BSC NFT Farming on NFTrade

Yield Protocol
3 min readSep 15, 2021


Starting today, users will be able to stake their $YIELD tokens on the NFTrade in order to earn NFTs that will grant access to the Beta version of YieldShield — the first platform built on Yield Protocol.

In order to get access to the Beta testing of the app investors will need to stake their $YIELD BSC tokens on NFTrade and earn $nYIELD that will be used to purchase the NFTs that will give access to the YieldShield Beta Launch. $nYIELD is a token that can only be earned through staking on the NFTrade’s Platform; these tokens cannot be bought or sold elsewhere.

There will be types of Beta access — Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each type will have a different investment limit set per wallet:

Gold — 20000 BUSD

Silver — 10000 BUSD

Bronze — 3000 BUSD

There are only 3 GOLD, 10 SILVER and 20 BRONZE Beta Access NFTs available to farm.

NFT Farm details:

Earn rate: 1 $YIELD Staked = 5 nYIELD Per Day.

YieldShield Beta GOLD Access — 20,000,000 nYIELD

YieldShield Beta SILVER Access — 7,500,000 nYIELD per each

YieldShield Beta BRONZE Access — 2,500,000 nYIELD per each

Lock-up Period: From the time of depositing into the Farm a 14-day lock-up period applies.

Link to the Farm: https://app.nftrade.com/farms/yield-protocol

Don’t miss your chance! Be the first one to get access to the YieldShield and try the Robo-Famer in action.

Link to BSC Bridge to Bridge Your Current ETH $YIELD to BSC: https://app.chainport.io/?from=ethereum&to=bsc&token=0xa8b61cff52564758a204f841e636265bebc8db9b

Link to buy YIELD tokens on Uniswap — https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=ETH&outputCurrency=0xa8b61cff52564758a204f841e636265bebc8db9b

Link to buy YIELD tokens on PancakeSwaphttps://pancakeswap.finance/swap

YIELD BSC token address — 0xf9d906a8dd25c4a4966bc075cdc946702219e62c

About Yield Protocol

Yield Protocol helps to simplify the investment process and maximise gains from your investments. This powerful tool is constantly looking for the best Annual Percentage Yields (APY) available across the market, then investing in the best performing liquidity pool to maximise investor gains accordingly.

There is no need to undertake hours of education on how to search for the best Farms available, manually swap tokens, or provide liquidity on various Liquidity Platforms — Yield Protocol was designed to make it as simple as one click.

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About NFTrade

NFTrade is the first ‘Cross-Chain’ and ‘Blockchain-Agnostic’ NFT Platform. They aggregate many NFT marketplaces and undertake the complete NFT lifecycle, allowing anyone to seamlessly create, Buy, Sell, Swap, Farm, and leverage NFTs across different Blockchains. By using NFTrade, anyone can easily unlock the total value of the NFT market with ease.

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