Yield Protocol announces partnership with Delta.Theta

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2 min readDec 15, 2021

November 2021 was a revolutionary month for Yield Protocol. The YIELD Token was listed on PancakeSwap, and we opened the Yield Protocol Farm for staking BUSD-YIELD LP.

As we head into the New Year, December 2021 promises to be also chock-full of upcoming announcements and news. And this month, let’s kick off the action with the announcement of our new partner; Peer-to-Peer asset options trading platform Delta.Theta.

Details of the Partnership:

During our cooperation period, we plan to exchange marketing experience on mutual ‘Post-incubation Development’ and product research. Both Yield Protocol and delta.theta were incubated by DAO Maker. We also plan to conduct joint marketing activities and support each other’s releases and activities.

About delta.theta

Delta.theta is a P2P options DEX which operates on Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC. The project’s team came from classic financial markets and our main goal is to release a protocol, which would be understandable and user-friendly for all traders and users.

Their main focus is to give an opportunity to trade on-chain options for “investment tokens”. These are the tokens from the top3–50 and top3–100 CMC. Because every trader has BNB, AAVE, CAKE or other favorite strong coins — which have their own fundamentals, and can potentially perform against the market because of protocol activity and events.

Their protocol will provide options on these sorts of assets with no limits on positions and options types — allowing every trader to be more effective in managing their portfolio and risk. An Option itself is a very flexible tool to be more efficient and participate in the market movements with decreased or even zero capital risk. For example, only Options would allow someone to earn money on the sole desire to sell or buy assets at a set price.

Official website: https://deltatheta.tech

Twitter: https://twitter.com/deltatheta_tech
Medium: https://optiondeltatheta.medium.com/

TG chat (EN): https://t.me/deltatheta

TG chat (RU): https://t.me/DeltathetaRU

About Yield Protocol

Yield Protocol (www.yieldprotocol.com) helps to simplify the investment process and maximise gains from your tokenized investments. This powerful Yield tool is constantly looking for the best ‘Annual Percentage Yields’ (APY) available across the whole market, then, in turn, investing in that liquidity pool (LP), and maximising user gains accordingly.

There is no need to undertake hours of education on how to search for the best Farms available, manually swap tokens, or provide liquidity on various Liquidity Platforms — Yield Protocol was designed to make it as simple as one click.

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